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Curious details

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#131 Armand


    About the same age as another old Fokker: The F-27

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Posted 05 July 2017 - 11:09 AM

The French forces used the German Fieseler fi-156 Storch until 1965.
The Fieseler Storch, reknown for it's extreme STOL capacities, became produced at the Morane Saulnier factory in occupied France soon after the Vichy peace.
The production was instantly resumed after the liberation of France as French politicans realised the value of any homebuilt aircraft and keeping the only expertise in business. Initially was the aim to get the present surplus of the original German Argus engines used but production continued with French aviational engines.
The Storch, now labelled MS-500 prooved to suit French postwar military actions in Sahara as well as in Indo-China, though became modified with aluminium structured wings to accomodate the tropic climate, and became used for more than 20 years after most people considered the Storch for dead, with a production number exceeding 900.

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#132 Stony


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Posted 05 July 2017 - 08:00 PM

The French version was called Criquet. And most of the Storchs which are flying today are French buildt ones..

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#133 Armand


    About the same age as another old Fokker: The F-27

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Posted Today, 03:02 PM

Historical colors.
The world is in colors, however documentation have only been in black and white for the first 100 years of the photography.
It was as late as the mid 60's before color TV's became common and though filming in colour was possible during the second world war was film and pictures from the battlefield mostly in black and white. The color photos from the perod wich possible disturbs Your perception of this fact is most likely artifically hand colored afterwards :-o
Around pictures from the interwar period and especially the first world war, there is no doubth: Pictures have only been in black and white and any color connected to merchandise is due to oral reports or hardware still existing. However, around colors is oral describing quite unreliable due to the numerous tones of every colour wich the explaining person might not master - Just as well as the listener might percieve the described colors wrongfully.
The tech. museum in Elsinore (Helsingör), Denmark, concluded that the Friedrichshafen f.f.49, the naval aircraft wich in fact evolved first civil transport aircraft, would be possible to build from scratch as the Danish Naval Library had the drawings of wich the F.F. had been licence build and the storages contained an example of the needed six cylindered Daimler Benz engine.
Ending the project these years a unexpected problem have occured: Even though the transition to civil use was as late as about 1930, there is no dokumentations of wich colorscheme it used :-o
This leads to the bright red color of the Fokker triplane of Manfred von Richthofen: As other contemporary German fighters often is shown in more like brick-red livery, hence the gloss bright red Fokker wich gave Von Richthofen his nickname 'the Red Baron' might be a Hollywood invention :-/
Sadly is red notoriously fading wich might be the reason to the color of the only existing salvaged peace of canvas from the famous red triplane shows a blueish tone - Unless the aircraft of the Red Baron wasn't red all over at all!?

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