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Hello new, Any info on the B-29 lady of the lake in AK?

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#1 Jebkerman



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Posted 08 August 2016 - 04:13 AM

Hi there Just joined, Just found out there's a B29  sunk in a lake in Eilson, Was wondering If somebody wanted to recover it, could they?, and if somebody could recover it how much would it cost to pull it out of the lake? Very rough estimate?


Also, Would it be worth salvaging, since its a Near full air frame?


I hear Alot of b29s are stuck in museums as display pieces, but  also learned that most of these displays are permanent.

Are there any Other B29 hulks out there that could be purchased, if so how much would something that size cost around? I know they pulled Doc out of China lake and there are a couple of B29s from Aberdeen,


Reason I ask is because it seems kinda a shame that its underwater deteriorating, I mean I think its fresh water, so it cant be in That bad condition right? I mean its definitely not airworthy, I know Alot of stuff probably has to be replaced, but Im guessing some stuff can be saved maybe?


Pic of the bird currently enjoying a very long bath



#2 Armand


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Posted 08 August 2016 - 03:55 PM

You partly answer Yourself: Since Doc lately have had it's first flight after being brought in from China Lake, such work are seemingly worth doing. However the submerged state of Your 'Lady' are probably thought being critical compared to a dry desert and reading on the Doc-story it was considered being the last rescueable B-29!
About salvaging: I think the guys from the aircraft restauration branch prefer to make most of the parts by themselves, however in Europe at least it is essential to have the basic framepart with the ID-tag to build on, wich the lady of the lake could provide for the eager rebuilders (and their sponsors!) :-/

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#3 Jebkerman



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Posted 09 August 2016 - 11:30 PM

Wouldn't salvage be pretty easy? I mean in theory, couldn't you just Tie a rope or chain to the landing gear and just pull it out?

 How hard would it be to get permission to attempt a salvage? I figure if you cant pull it out, you could airlift the thing out in three parts like the B17 Swamp Ghost, and for funds I could easily see a kick starter providing the necessary cash flow to get a proper salvage crew and air-frame rights?


I really think it would be nice to get it out of the lake, to save it from any further deterioration from gunshot blasts and corrosion. I mean even if its just in a shed somewhere, I think that would at least be preferable  to sitting in a lake collecting corrosion graffiti and buckshot


As for a second question, Kee bird, Yes the air-frame was damaged badly in the fire, but the wings and the tail never really took any of the heat or fire damage, it was just the fuselage  and cockpit really, could they just be chopped off and airlifted out in the summer as well?


I would really love to see Kee bird fly or at-least get a second chance And I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to help it get a second chance as well. Would anyone know who owns Kee bird currently? I mean They haven't touched it for a long time and Im definitely sure if somebody made a kick starter for Kee bird, somebody would fund. would definitely be cool to be able to buy kee bird, but not sure who owns it really

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