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Posted 10 October 2015 - 01:28 PM

                                                                           BELL P-39 AIRACOBRA


XP-39: April 1939 1st flight with turbosupercharger. Engine: Allison V-1710-17: 1,150 hp./T.O./S.L./5 minutes.

     1,150 hp./25,000 ft./15 minutes.


XP-39B: In November 1939 1st flight without the turbosupercharger. Engine: Allison V-1710-37: 1,090 hp./T.O./S.L./5

     minutes. 1,090 hp./13,000 ft./15 minutes.


P-39C: March 1941: 31st Pursuit Group is supplied with the P-39C. Engine: Allison V-1710-35 (E4): 1,150

     hp./T.O./S.L./5 minutes.   1,150 hp./12,000 ft./15 minutes.


Note: On 6 July 1941 the first of three P-39Cs arrives in the U.K.


P-39D-1: April 1941: Deliveries begin to the USAAF. Engine: V-1710-35.


P-400: July 1941: Tested in the U.K. at 7,830 lbs. powered by the Allison V-1710-E4. This model was prone to engine



Airacobra I: September 1941: No.601 Sqdn. became operational.

     9 October 1941 the first operational sorties are flown by the RAF.


P-39F: December 1941: 1st deliveries to the USAAF. Engine: V-1710-35.


7 December 1941: P-39Ds made up five pursuit groups: 8th, 31st, 52nd, 36th & 53rd.


P-400: February 1942: Deliveries to Australia began to the 35th FG.

     2 June 1942: 1st combat.


P-39D-2: June 1942: Deliveries begin to the USAAF. Engine: Allison V-1710-63: 1,325 hp./T.O./S.L./ 5 minutes.  

     1,590 hp./2,500 ft./5 minutes/62" Hg boost.   1,150 hp./12,000 ft./15 minutes/42" Hg boost.


P-39K: July 1942: Deliveries begin. V-1710-63


P-39L: July 1942: Deliveries begin. V-1710-63


P-39M: November 1942: Deliveries begin. V-1710-83: 1,200 hp./T.O./S.L./5 minutes.   1,420 hp./9,500 ft./5 minutes.

     1,125 hp./14,600 ft./15 minutes.


P-39N: November 1942: Deliveries begin: V-1710-85: 1,200 hp./T.O./S.L./50.5" Hg/5 minutes.   1,420 hp./9,500 ft/

     5 minutes/57" Hg.   1,125 hp./15,500 ft./15 minutes/44.5" Hg.




April 1943: 90 P-39Ns are supplied to the French in North Africa.


June 1943: The 18th FG become operational at Guadalcanal with P-39Ns.


P-39Q-1: May 1943 deliveries begin.

     15 December 1943 the 15th A.F. in Italy becomes operational.


P-39Q-5: March 1944: The 71st Tactical Reconnaissance Sqn. becomes operational in the PTO.






P-39Q-20: February 1944: The 332nd FG / 15th AF in Italy becomes operational.


P-39Q-21: 4-blade propeller.


P-39Q-25: 4-blade propeller.


P-39Q-30: August 1944 the last P-39s are delivered to the USAAF with 3-blade propellers.

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 01:38 PM

                                                                            AMERICA'S HUNDRED THOUSAND


Maneuvering: Page 201: The P-39 was considered slightly less maneuverable than the P-40. (Sustained turn

     was about equal however, the P-40, especially the Tomohawks rolled faster.)


Controls: Page 201: Extremely sensitive and light.


Spins: Page 201: The plane was very sensitive to flatspins when nose ammunition was gone.


Rolls: Page 202: The P-39D was deficient in roll rate compared to USAAF requirements. Its acceleration into

     the roll was extremely fast, but maximum roll rate of 75 degrees/second was comparatively slow to most

     fighters. (paraphrased).


Visibility: Page 206: Visibility was outstanding.


Diving Limits: 475 mph Indicated Air Speed.   560 mph. True Air Speed.   0.8g.

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Posted 10 July 2016 - 03:46 PM

I came past this rarely seen picture of the (actual P-63-) driveplant:


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