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Got Question

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#1 GregP


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Posted 29 July 2015 - 03:04 AM



I submitted a new GOT aircraft list and the forum told me my post wopuld have to be approved by a moderator before it would be posted. Can someone tell me something about this? All it consisted of was a mew list of 25 obscure aircraft.


Thanks, - Greg

#2 GregP


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Posted 29 July 2015 - 03:06 AM

Here was the post:




I was reading a GOT topic and noticed that I had only provided obscure types for manufacturers with names starting with A – D. Pretty sloppy of me if I do say so myself. I thought I’d provide a list that goes a bit further, starting with E.


Without further ado, the list follows. I’ll call “obscure” any type with a production total of … say … 30 or less.


1) Edo XOSE-1 Reconaissane plane. 8 built. 6 converted to seaplanes, 2 converted to XTE-1.

2) Fairchild XNQ-1 (T-31) trainer, 1946. Not WWII but they started building them in WWII. 2 built.

3) Fairchild C-61 Forwarder, 1944. 1 built.

4) Fairchild XBQ-3, 1944. Unmanned assault drone based on the AT-21 Gunner design. 2 built.

5) Fairey Hendon, 1936, 14 built. Ugly bomber. Very ugly bomber.

6) Fairey Spearfish, 1946. Started building it in the war. 5 built but the war was over when they were finished.

7) Farman NC.223, 1940. 13 built. Dropped the first bombs to fall on Berlin.

8) Fiat FC.20, 1941. Designed by CANSA, a subsidiary of Fiat. 7 built. Looked OK but was disappointing.

9) Fiat CR.25, 1940. One of Fiat’s best multirole attack aircraft, but only 10 built. In almost 400 hours of wear missions none had any technical accidents and stopped all intruding attempts by Blenheims based in Malta.

10) Fiat G.55S, 1944. he G.55S Silurante (Torpedo) was a G.55 modified to carry a 2167-lb Whitehead Fiume torpedo. The prototype survived the war and was converted into a fighter trainer for use by the postwar Italian Air Force. 1 built.

11) Fiat G.56. A G.55 with a  DB 603. Requested by Germany, who then forbade production. 2 built.

12) Fieseler Fi.167, 1940. Carrier-based Torpedo bomber / recon biplane in desperate search of a German carrier. 13 built.

13) FMA I.Ae.30 Namcu. 1950. Solidly based in WWII technology. Powered by Merlin 604s. 1 built. Very good-looking fighter / attack plane similar to the Hronet.

14) Focke Wulf Fw 187. 1939. 9 built. Covered in several posts. Not exactly “obscure,” but qualifies by virtue of 9 built.

15) Focke Wulf Fw 190C, 1942. Fw 190A modified with DB 603. V15, V16, V18 (later V18/U1), V29, V30, V32, and V33. 7 built.

16) Fokker D.XXIII, 1939. 1 built. Twin-engine, single-seat, certerline thrust fighter.

17) Folland F O 108 43/37 - 1940. 12 built. Engine test beds.

18) General Aircraft GAL.38 Fleet Shadower. 1940. Carrier-borne patrol plane that could cruise VERY slowly to shadow enemy fleets. Nobody apparently considered what might happen if faster enemy palnes caught up with one.

19) General Motors P-75 Eagle. 14 built.

20) Gloster F.5/34. 1938. 1 built. Single-seat fighter.

21) Gloster F.9/37. Reaper. 2 built.

22) Goeppingen Go.9. 1940. Built as a test aircraft with the rear drive configuration of the Do-335. 1 built.

23) Gribovsky G.20 trainer. 1 built.

24) Grokhovsky G-26. 1935. 90% built but never completed. Abandoned when the design bureau was closed.

25) Grokhovsky G-38. 1936. Twin-seat fighter-bomber. Built but not flown. Abandoned when the design bureau was closed.

26) Grumman F5F (R-50). 2 built. Powerful plane that led to the F7F Tigercat.

27) Gudkov GU-82. 2 built. Gudkov’s attempt to re-engine the LaGG-3 with the Shvetsov ASh-82 engine. Abandoned because the La-5 was already in production.

28) Hanriot H.220 fighter. 1937. 2 built.

29) Hanriot NC.510 and NC.530. 1 NC.510 built; 2 NC.530’s built. 1st prototype of NC.530. Serious redesign was needed. Hanriot became SNCAC.

30) Hawker Hotspur target tug. 1 built. 1938.


Stay tuned ... more to come! - Greg

#3 Ricky



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Posted 01 August 2015 - 10:10 AM

I believe the GOT section is set up so that all posts have to be approved before being visible 

This is to stop spam or non-GOT posts 

#4 Paolo Tagliaferri

Paolo Tagliaferri


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Posted 01 August 2015 - 03:40 PM

Correct. Either myself or Ricky would be able to approve it as soon as we see it pending. In the GOT section, RT has also the ability to approve these posts. Hope this helps!

Paolo Tagliaferri

Board Administrator


#5 GregP


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Posted 02 August 2015 - 07:11 AM

No problem.


Just wondered since the "G" in GOT is me.


I thought maybe my mouthwash wasn't maing it amymore ...

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