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#2230 HELP!

Posted by simon on 13 September 2003 - 06:12 PM

Probably the best ones for a contemporary point of view would be the "Jane's" series, and the extra added bonus is that many of the individual annuals are reprinted quite regularly either on their own or as a single compendium.

Try typing in "Jane's" or something similar in something like Amazon or E-bay (Another good source of aviation miscellania), but be prepared to wade through a lot of information as you'll probably get 100's of matches that are not relevant.

A lot depends on what you're really looking for, but for hard facts Jane's is not brilliant since so little was known at the time they were originally printed about many Axis aircraft, and the author was severely limited as to what he could print about Allied types.

The good thing about Jane's books is that they are generally completely faithful re-prints with nothing altered or ammended, but because they're re-prints, they don't tend to cost the earth.

Other suggestions would be to check out a few Charity shops or second-hand bookshops next time you're down the high street, you'd be surprised at what sometimes turns up there, and it's usually quite cheap.

#2097 TA 152 ,P47M questions????

Posted by simon on 18 June 2003 - 02:47 PM

First off, welcome onboard.

Anymore details about the Ta152 whose wings "Shreaded" would be useful. Was it damaged in combat? What do you mean by a "prolonged dive?" All aircraft have an absolute maximum speed, above which the plane becomes unmanouvrable, put simply if you put your nose down at full throttle the airflow over the control surfaces becomes so great that they cannot alter the aircraft's heading so it will continue flying downwards at a steadily increasing speed until it either hits the ground or its structure fails due to the excessive stresses placed on it, so depending on what you count as a prolonged dive, and bear in mind damage to the wings may have affected the structure, this does not necessarily indicate an inherent problem.

The Ta152 itself may not have had particular structural issues as such, but by the point in the war that the Ta152 came into service the standard of workmanship in German factories was decreasing significantly and the quality of the finished products was not quite what it should have been, so this may have accounted for operational failures (It certainly did with the He162 Volksjager/Salamander).

As for the P47, a number of these were stripped down slightly, having their guns reduced to 6 or even 4 (although I believe the fuel tankage remained unchanged) to allow them to catch and destroy V-1 Flying Bombs, still 500mph does seem extremely fast for level flight. I'll check through my books at home later to see if I can find any references.

As for good websites, both www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org and www.luftarchiv.de are well worth a look.

#1835 Axis Torpedo planes?

Posted by simon on 03 January 2003 - 05:09 PM

The reason you can't find any early war German torpedo planes is because there weren't any. Although later on the Germans adapted a number of planes to carry torpedoes that were around in 1939/40, the Luftwaffe did not possess air-launched torpedoes until 1941 or 1942.

For anti-shipping operations at that time the Luftwaffe relied on dive-bombing as the prefered method of attack.

Hope this helps.